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This will be a live cohort based learning, where every enrolled student will be given special attention. .

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This comprehensive course delves into the intricate art of sales and business development, providing a comprehensive understanding of various sales methodologies and strategies. From traditional transactional selling to modern consultative approaches, participants will explore the evolution of sales techniques and their application in contemporary business landscapes. Emphasizing the significance of building trust, understanding customer needs, and effective objection handling, this course equips individuals with the skills necessary for success in the dynamic world of sales.

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Foundations of Sales Mastery Digital Integration in Sales Effective Communication & Persuasion Consultative Selling Techniques Closing Strategies & Objection Handling Practical Application & Role Plays

Get a real world understanding through industry projects

Tools and Technologies covered

  • CRM
  • Social Media
  • Online Advertising
  • Sales Analytics
  • Lead Generation Platforms

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  • Cloud Labs are hands-on environments that allow learners to practice concepts in real time. These labs are pre-configured with the required software so that learners can start practicing without wasting any time.
  • Interview Opportunity indicates that upGrad will be guaranteed an invitation to interview post successful completion of the progam.
  • Top Product companies instructors stand for instructors from the best tech firms in the world namely Meta, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and other top product companies.
  • Performance report provides the learners with their strengths and areas of development. It also recommends the assets that they need to look into to improve the areas of development.

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Frequently Asked Question

No specific background is required. A keen interest in sales, business development, or customer interactions is beneficial.

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of diverse sales methodologies, digital integration, and practical skill development, enhancing your sales acumen for various roles in sales and business development.

Yes, participants will have access to course materials and resources for a limited period after the course concludes, allowing for continued review and reference.

While there may be practical exercises and case studies, the course primarily focuses on practical skill development rather than traditional exams or assessments.

The course modules provide a broad understanding of sales techniques applicable across industries. While industry-specific insights may be discussed, the focus is on universal sales principles and strategies.

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