Many students in India do not pursue higher education or choose wrong option because they don't get proper guidance!

Limited Awareness, Traditional Mindset & Infrastructure Challenges, Learnlinkage is making that effort to Enploy & Educate the youth of India.

Why Choose LearnLinkage

Zero Cost Benefits, same college, same fees,isn't that enough? Well we have more reasons for you!

  • Top University Choices

    LearnLinkage collaborates with some of the best universities in the country, ensuring top-notch education.

  • Diverse Learning Options

    LearnLinkage connects students with both online and offline universities, offering diverse learning options.

  • Career Oriented Programs

    LearnLinkage focuses on helping students achieve their career goals.

More Details
Networking Opportunities

Find Hustlers like yourself, collaborate and win hackathons with like minded people at our Networking events.

Placement Support

Having Collaboration with various corporate clients, we make sure to get you interviewed!

Who are we?

Our Mission

LearnLinkage is a collaborative platform that connects students with online & offline Universities, to provide them with an upscaled advantage at no cost. We work with some of the best universities in the country to offer students admission to quality programs that can help them achieve their career goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading platform for students who want to get the most of their university education. We want to make it easy for students to find the right program for their needs and to get admitted without having to worry about the cost. We also want to provide our students with the support they need to succeed in their studies and in their careers.